I’ve met Ron few months ago when a friend of mine recommended him. I’ve made the perfect choice when I decided to go with him for my immigration case. He helped me from the very first day and he stayed in permanent contact with me for the entire immigration process. He had all the answers to my questions. I wish I had met him earlier.

Ron Kamran is not only book smart, he is also extremely street smart, confident, polite, courteous and acts according to the specific situation unlike our previous attorney, who was timid, lacking self confident and caving into the intimidation tactics by the government officers not to mention the fact that she sat behind us and not uttered one single word in representing us.

Our interview was continued and Ron was able to stabilize our destabilize position and got my green card application approved.

It makes a huge difference who your lawyer is. Ron fully believes in protecting your due process rights under the constitution of America, and he has no problem asserting such rights in making sure that you receive fundamentally fair hearing before the officers and judges. Lastly, I must tell you that he is a perfect gentleman and an extremely down to earth individual. I recommend him 100%.

Thank you Ron!